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I AM EXHAUSTED!!!!!!!!! HELP!!!!!

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Friday, October 23, 2009

My top 10 list from Mouse Invasion 2009

10. Getting to talk to your sister for 2 hours in the wee hours of the morning while you mouse hunt...thanks for the moral support Natalie!!!

9. Gives me something to blog about...(not that Joel's birthday bash was a total blast!!! I'll do that one next)

8. Having a conversation starter....example..."Hey Amber, how are you doing." My response, "Oh, fine. My house is just being over ran by mice...yada yada."

7. Having a good story to tell..."Do you know what happened to me last night!!! I was sitting in my recliner in the living room facebooking when mice started to pour out of my kitchen!!! I was shocked. I got a flash light and started to investigate. I left my computer on the recliner chair arm when a mouse went flying through the air and knocked it on the ground!!! The mice were everywhere!!!"

6. I use to like Ratatouille the movie...but now it just creeps me out.

5. This is the extreme that I have to go through to have my Mom come and stay at my house!!! Eat your hearts out Jennifer and Natalie!!! Jealous!!! I have a great mouse killing machine of a mother.

4. The feeling that I can eat whatever I want...including pre-mature Halloween candy because "I AM IN A CRISIS" I think I eat my way through problems my some times. Ohhhh, and Azteca Nachos yesterday.

3. My son Drew thinks that helping me "find" and pick up the mouse traps in the morning is like a great Easter Egg Hunt and says "Mom this is the coolest"--kind of weird

2. My house is cleaner than EVER!!!!

1. Getting great feed back and support from everyone of you!!!! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I have loved the phone calls, messages via blogger and facebook! Your personal stories and advice/comments made me feel like I would make it through the mice invasion of 2009 and guess what!!!! I THINK IT IS OVER!!!!

FYI: Wednesday night only one trap was set off my a mouse but he got away injured...Last night I caught a three footed mouse...making me believe that he was the last one...hopefully!!! I will continue to set traps for a while...but I think I am out of the woods!!!!! YEAH!!!!

And just because....last night I took Jenna to her soccer practice/scrimmage game. I told her that if she scored a goal that I would buy her a chocolate ice cream cone. (Bribery never hurt, right!?) Well, during half time she raised her hand in the team huddle and told her coach, "Coach, coach!!! I think I am going to pray to Heavenly Father that I score a goal!!!" It is times like these that I wished we lived in Utah. Ohhhhhh the faith of little children!!!!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Divide and conquer

I consider last night a success. After putting the kids to bed, Joel, my Mom, and myself took ourselves downstairs to watch The Biggest Loser. I had set 20 traps in the kitchen, laundry room, and pantry. Within about 20 minutes we had a mouse caught. Within another 20 minutes another!!! It looked like this was going to be a good night.

Anyways, after TBL Joel went to bed and my Mom and I waited in the living room to see if we could spot some action. I mean, after last night how could we not!!! Sure enough two mice jetted their way across from the island to the fridge. But to tell you the truth it was really slow (that is sooooo good). Especially since I fixed a hole in the wall in the laudry room that some of the mice might have been living in. While we were sleeping we caught two more total making our total for the night: 4 mice.

That is exactly half the number caught last night, meaning we are dividing and conquering!!!

FYI: I feel soooooo much better today. I got a whole nights sleep. My mom helped sooo much and bagged all the mice. What a Mom, huh!!! I just know that the problem is almost fixed!!! I am happy!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Because you are probably dying to know...

final count of dead mice last night: 8

total since mouse invastion: 10

total hours of sleep last night for me: 3

number of exterminators met: 1

number of mouse traps set: 20

my sanity: zero

fyi: my mom is staying the night to be my moral support since last night was so horrible. the exterminator came out today and basically said I am doing everything that they would do and that major concerns are black widows and hobo spiders...whatever. The hole is the side of house in closed...hole in laundry room fixed...let's hope they come out tonight and see the presents I bought them today...nothing like handing the grocery store cashier and arm full of mouse traps and saying "it is as bad as it looks."

Monday, October 19, 2009

Mice invasion 2009 update

Well, we spent all of today cleaning and cleaning some more. You know the fun stuff like under the washer and dryer, behind the refridgerator, etc. We found quite a bit of mouse poop and our house is spick and span clean. Now we can trace the mice so we can sucessfully set traps.

Just a note: I am sitting down in my living room facing the kitchen. I have just witnessed three mice run across my kitchen under the refidgerator. I have noooo idea what to do. They gross me out like nothing I have ever experienced before. My stomach is in knots. One is peaking around the corner like they know that I am here. It is sooooooooooooo sick. Joel says to just let the traps do their work. I feel helpless and totally intruded upon. I think that one is stuck on a trap. One just made the corner to the laundry room. I feel like the old lady in Ratatuoille. You know what I mean????

Anywho, I just woke up Joel and set four more traps. I just hope the kids don't get up in the middle of the night. Poor Joel, he has to get up soooo early to go to work and I am keeping him up with these mice!!!

We found the hole that the mice came in out side and filled it with steel wool. Steel wool. Sounds like a good rock band. Hope, hope, hope that it works. Then we filled it with insulation spray. I am loosing it. Because to tell you the is good, night is horrible. From Dark until Dawn...dark until dawn baby. Thanks for the support though.

A trap just went to go!!

Hickory, Dickory, Dock...

and you know the rest...let's just say that I have a new perspective on this guy. It started around 11 o'clock on Joel's birthday when we had our good friends Mike and Marianne over. We were sitting in our living room when Mike spotted a mouse in our kitchen. I could not believe it. But sure enough out he came again. We was running through a hole by our dishwasher and coming thorough a hole under our sink (where the garbage is). Mom was keeping our kids for the night at her house for Joel's birthday so Joel and I ran down to Wal-mart and bought one trap because that is all that we stray, random mouse. SOOOO WRONG!!!!

Last night, Sunday evening Joel and I were enjoying Desperate Housewives when I heard a sqweak. Then there was scratching. I thought I was just being paranoid...because I now am. I investigated more closely to find a mouse behind our refridgerator, a mouse under the sink, and a mouse in the laundry room (all surrounding one major wall). This wall was also scratching--that is right MICE IN THE WALLS!!!! Joel and I were soooo creeped out!!! Joel went to Wal-mart again and bought multiple traps. He came home, set traps, and we got back to our show. I was googling mice invasions, of course, and Joel looked over at me to see a mouse run right behind me!!!! FREAKING OUT!!!! We got out a broom and tried to kill it but it was jumping and sooo fast! We tipped all the couches over in the living room and it looked like a war zone...worse yet...we scared it down stairs!!!! I watched it jump all the way down stairs and chased it but it was too late. So now we have one downstairs and a bunch in the laundry room wall.

To make matters worse...Drew is allergic to cats and peanut butter. Peanut butter is the most effective way to set a trap and cats, well, you know. We tried to have Rocky chase the mouse...but no luck!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

So it really is the happiest place on Earth...

Disneyland...the main reason for our Southern California trip. We did save the best for last. We had the best time in Disneyland. It was extremely hot...I mean like 105 degrees but thankfully most of Disneyland's rides are air conditioned. Apparently we went on a great week too because it was a black out there weren't that many people there...for Disneyland standards of course. But we were able to get onto rides easily and quickly...besides waiting in line for 2 hours to meet three very important Princesses. But we met lots of famous people and animals and gave lots of hugs... Drew loved Tigger and it seemed that Tigger loved Drew too!!! Really cute.
Drew's wave just cracked me up...Can you see me Pooh bear????

Here is tigger again...sorry so random and I don't have that many pictures on the iphone because I bought a couple of disposable cameras and used them most of the time.

Here is Princess Jenna with her Tinkerbell doll that she used her "piggy-horse" money to buy. Here is a story that makes me so proud...we asked Jenna what she wanted to spend her 27 dollars on and this is her reply, "I don't know...maybe I can buy Drew a Buzz Lightyear toy." I just about cried. This girl is so thoughtful and sweet. We love you Jenna!!! But this is Jenna after waiting in line for 2 hours in extreme heat to meet Aurora, Snow White (who we loved), and Jasmine. It was sooo cute how they were all in character!!! We also met Tinkerbell in Pixie Hollow and it was soooo cute. Loved that!!! Then when we were at California Adventure we met Cinderella!!! What LUCK we had!!! It was sooo great. She was so pretty and nice and she told Jenna that her eyes reminded her of her own and that she looked like Cinderella...they really did look alike. Jenna was in HEAVEN!!!!

Drew of course met "manly" characters like Woody and Buzz. Another great story is that on our first day at Disneyland we ran into Buzz. Drew was so excited and ran up to him and gave him a hug and a high five. Then later we were a little lost and Joel and Drew ran into Buzz again. Joel asked Buzz and his helper where Buzz's Astroblaster ride was...Buzz took Drew by the hand and walked him to the ride. Drew was soooo proud!!! He had his little chest out and the biggest grin on his face. It was the cutest thing in the world.

Here is Drew and Mom at the ride. Joel taught Drew how to salute Buzz and he would say "I'll do it Buzz." It was so funny. People standing in all the lines got the biggest kick out of this kid and his wild and fun personality.

He wasn't always sooo lively...he did a little of this and a ton of playing... but it cracks me up how he sleeps with his arms behind his head like Joel.

Miss Jenna at the Princess castle...the best was the fire work show that they put on at night...soooooo amazing!!! They choreograph the fireworks to Disney music around the castle and even have a real life Tinkerbell on a zip cord twirl around the castle!!! Too amazing...they have a Dumbo too. Really cool.

Jenna with Jasmine...all my other pictures are on actual film...

The castle at night... Joel and I have agreed that next year we go on a cruise--just the two of us--less walking, packing, sweating. I am sooo exhausted but we really had the time of our lives!!! I was afraid that maybe the kids wouldn't necessarily remember Disneyland but when I went on It's a Small World and Pirates of the Caribbean my childhood totally flashed back at me from when I was 8 and I totally felt like I had been there before. I hope that my kids will feel that too when they are older and experience the magic that really is Disney!!! It was great!!!
Some other highlights of our trip...

Seaworld and a day at Coronodo Beach

These are in no particular order because I am still using Joel's laptop and it drives me crazy...anyway. Here is my mermaid. She thought it was pretty fun to be buried in the sand, and I thought it was pretty fun to make her into a mermaid with mermaid "seashells" and a tail. Joel didn't like the shells...but come on!!! You can't really see the awesome craftsmanship...I am just joking here. Joel was so proud of his sand castle...I think it might even be his first...I don't know. The sand was was like light brown sugar.
Day three was Seaworld. I was sooo excited for Seaworld and while we all loved wasn't quite what I remembered. We did get to feed some sting rays...that was interesting...they are like vacuum cleaners. The Shamu shows were neat and the dolphin show was pretty funny. They introduced a family...a mom, dad, and little girl. Well they staged it so the "mom" fell in the tank with the dolphins. I WAS DYING!!!! I WAS LAUGHING SO HARD I WAS CRYING! Unfortunately it was just staged. I am weird like that...I think it is the funniest thing when people fall or get hurt (nothing really harmful). The trainer was a really good actress...but new it was staged when she was balancing on the dolphin's nose :)

Don't was soooooooooo stinkin' hot.

Another nice San Diegoian offered to take our picture...I didn't want to but she was just too NICE!!!

Shamu was really amazing...they do a night show that really was the best called Shamu Rocks...really worth seeing. Joel and I were a little disappointed in the shark aquarium...but oh well--the kids loved it. Again we were there at opening til close...another long day.
The next day was the beach day. We then drove up the pacific highway to Anaheim. We checked into our hotel and then went out to dinner with our friends the Smiths. After dinner we hit up Pinkberry...this might have been the highlight of my trip and I am trying to talk Joel into opening one here in Spokane!!! Ohhhhh how I love you Pinkberry...too bad I didn't get a picture of you...original with coconut, mangoes, and sweet, sweet strawberries...I am drooling now.

Day two...the zoo

Of course we had to visit the world famous San Diego Zoo and it really did not disappoint!!! Here is Drew being his monkey-self. One funny story...they had this street performer who was painted green and covered in ivy. She was on stilts and walked very "viney." Well, she started walking toward us and Drew was in the stroller freaking out...and she wouldn't stop coming at us!!! Finally we got out of her way. The rest of the trip Drew wouldn't stop taking about the scary green monster. I told him it was just a girl dressed up...then it was the scary green "gwal." The best part is that I asked Drew how she walked...he did it perfectly...Joel and I cried we were laughing so hard. Drew is soooo funny.Me with my kiddos. They were sooo great durning the trip. Jenna and Drew were buddies the whole was great!

Jenna the monkey girl. I loved the gorillas, and monkey exhibits. It was really an amazing zoo with Polar bears, pandas, you name it...they have it. We were there from 9am to was a long day!!!

Southern California Fun

Well, we survived our annual vacation. This year we went to Southern California and did all the things a family with a 6 year old girl and a two year old boy would do...(my Mom kept Ethan the entire time we were gone so really she made this vacation possible...thanks Mom.)
and we did a few things that a 30 year old man and a 27 year old gal wanted to do too!

First off...we made it to the airport, clothes...check, underwear...check, toothbrush...check, camera....are you kidding!!!!!! WE FORGOT THE CAMERA...I REMEMBERED THE CHARGER FOR THE CAMERA...BUT NOT THE CAMERA. So many of these picture are thanks to Joel's iphone.

We arrived in San Diego and can I just say that I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE SAN DIEGO!!!

That night we went to a Padres game and had awesome seats. We were not going to see the Padres but the Carninals!!! It was AWESOME. We had great seats...thanks to my parents for Joel's graduation present--tickets to the game. Joel and I can now check Petco Park off of our fields to visit. It was such a nice park...not too big and really family friendly. Actually I felt that San Diego was family friendly...everyone was soooo nice!!! I told Joel now I know where we are going to retire...and one of the first people we saw at the San Diego airport was Brett Boone...a blast from Mariner's past.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Livin' on a Prayer

Tonight was Jenna's turn to say the bedtime prayer...

this is part of it...

"please bless that I will get a baby sister (pause) and I am serious."

Way to keep the faith Jenna...but that prayer is not going to be answered anytime soon!!!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Summer Lovin'

Is there anything better than summer time! I love it...

boating, long days, bike rides, baseball, swimming, Popsicles, yard work (I admit it, I like it), BBQ, the South Hill Water park, playing with my kiddos! I love summer! And we are counting down till Disneyland!!! Yeah!
Tonight was a great summer night. I made delicious steak and chicken kabobs...soooo is the will love it, promise!!! BBQ makes all the difference too...
1 1/2 c. saturated oil
3/4 c. soy sauce
1/4 c. worchester sauce
1 1/2 Tablespoons parsley
2 1/2 teaspoon salt
1 Tablespoon pepper
1/2 c. white wine vinegar
1/3 c. Lemon juice
1 teaspoon Garlic powder
Add veggies and meat to the is favorite is chicken, steak, and pork. Don't forget veggies...sweet onion, green and red peppers are to die for!!! Let me know if anyone tries and likey!!! Joel and I could eat this every night!
Then we went for a leisurely bike ride around the neighborhood...Jenna complained a lot...boys loved the bike trailer. Then I finished off the gorgeous night weeding the front yard and Jenna and Drew ate Popsicles and made a rocket ship out of an old cardboard box. Why do I even spend money on toys...really???!!!
These are the dog days of summer!!! So tell is your summer going??? What are you lovin'???

Thursday, July 2, 2009

You don't see that everyday...

A hot air balloon literally flew across our backyard on Monday. The kids jumped up and down on the trampoline waving and the people in the basket waved back and yelled "hello." It was pretty funny. This picture was when it had already passed by...I missed it buy a couple of minutes. Speaking of air balloons...we took the kids to see the movie "UP" in 3-D and totally recommend it!!! These two crack me up. Meet Joel's chair. It is the most comfortable thing in our house...probably. He falls asleep in it all the time and so does Drew. These two crack me up...oh...speaking of cracks--check out the cool new cast on Drew's wrist. Thanks to a swivel office chair and a dare devil son...we now have a broken wrist. Isn't that a perfect equation. It was quite the ordeal getting the cast on but he really got excited when we told him it was a laser wrist band like Buzz Lightyear (Drew's hero). Now he runs around pretending to shoot people with it. I just don't get boys sometimes.
Other happenings in the McCombs' lives....
*Joel and I are playing slow pitch softball (that would be an amusing post)
*Time on the boat
*New church callings
*Trip to Seattle--didn't even get to that!!!
*Running, chasing, cleaning, sprinting, feeding, did I say cleaning--after kids.
And that is about it!!! Now I think we are pretty much all caught up!

It is official...

he is finally done with college!!! We had a big BBQ party with friends and family to celebrate!!!Yeah!!! Congrats Joel on all of your hard work(and completed basketball courses)! We are soooo proud of you! (Although we have yet to receive his diploma in the mail) I am sure it is on it's way!!! wink wink It was sooooooooooooooooo bloody hot!!! But totally worth it!!! His major was one of the first to be announced so we made him rebel and ditch the rest of the ceremony.
His proud parents...

his proud wifey...

Now the hard part...finding a job!!!

Just because they are cute...

Here are some un-sequenced picture...Ethan enjoying the first part of the summer on the trampoline with a mo hawk. I just think he is the cutest.
Jenna lost her first tooth!!!! She was such a trooper and let me pull it out and didn't even flinch! You know you have a cool bus driver when the first thing you say after loosing a tooth is "I can't wait to tell my bus driver!" And sure enough she did! The second tooth came out shortly after the second. And the permanent teeth are on their way. Let's just say we are thankful that Uncle Brandon is going to be a Dentist. Can we urge you to continue on to Orthodontics?????

On Mother's Day I had the brilliant (sarcastic) idea of heading out before our 1pm church and get some shots of my kids...after all that is all I wanted for Mother's Day...a nice photo of my children together. Let's just say...not a Sunday activity. We were lucky we even made it to church. But they are still cute even if they don't hold still or cooperate.

My boys...

What the.......................just one picture please!!!!!! I need to hit up kiddie kandids or something.

The beauty...isn't she gorgeous!!!

Drew the super hero!!!

So what if he perfers to wear his underwear on his head!!!! are one of a kind!!!!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

This little man turned 1...

Ethan turned 1 on April 18th...I can't believe that my little guy is one already. We had a theme of a carnival/carousel for his party. Here is the cake I made him. The birthday boy and his candle...My sweet little man the day before...we went to Riverfront park for a play day. He loved it!

His first time down the famous Red Wagon slide!!!

His first carousel ride with Daddy. We love you E-man!!!!

Jenna the 1st grader

This little lady graduated Kindergarten!!! WE ARE SO PROUD OF YOU JENNA!!!!

Here she is with her teacher Mrs. McNeice...we loved her so much...what a great teacher!!!! Jenna is so excited to be a first grader and go to school all day!!!! And you have to love her pose...she is such a performer and wants to be like "Hannah Montana" when she grows up. She totally rocked the kindergarten graduation program and knew all the words and would even cover her classmates mouths if they were singing when it wasn't their turn. You can tell she is a big sister!!!


Well, after months and months a new update. I know you have all been dying to know what the McCombs have been up to lately...(totally joking)...that is the thing with this computer thing you can never sense sarcasam, dang it. is a happy day. I figured out how to download pictures on Joel's laptop since my PC is still sick, therefore I can now produce a decent and worth while post...maybe.

Hold onto your hats because here we goooooooooooooooooooo......................

It is always a good time when this gal (Adrienne) comes home from Chi-town...Marianne, Adrienne, and I had a great time eating at PF's, Ben and Jerry's, and people watching--not to mention the sticker RV...what the heck Spokane???

Two of my bestest friends...I love you girls!!!

Come back sooooon A.J.!!!

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Trip Advice

I need some trip advice...we are headed to Disneyland this summer and I am wondering if anyone knows a good place to stay in San Diego??? Any other advice is also appreciated!

On a quick note Jenna today said to me...

"Mom, you know that in England they have Princesses, Princes, and Queens."

I said, "Yes, I know."

She replied, "We don't have those in Spokane city...we only have Principals and food we like."

How true.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

My top 10 things...

of what we have been up to.

10. Drew is off the binki...we couldn't find it one day and the rest is history...finally. I was soooo tired of hearing other people tell my child, "Get that plug out of your mouth."--one of my biggest annoyances

9. Jenna is playing soccer and loving it...she even scored a goal last week!!!

8. Ethan just turned one and has been walking for the past 2 months...I will post later but my desktop computer is I am using Joel's laptop.

7. I have been running and running and running...but am taking a little break at the present moment. I have lost most of the baby weight.

6. We got our master bathroom tiled and it looks great...good bye carpet...who puts carpet in a bathroom???? REALLY!!!

5. We discovered a leak from the shower and now we have to rip out the shower and try to fix the leak and the moldy we, I mean the builder...thank goodness.

4. Joel is in his last quarter of college...YEAH!!!!

3. I am going to be playing on a women's slow pitch softball team this summer...wish me luck. I am really excited to tell you the truth!!!

2. The sun is starting to shine around here and is feeling a little like spring, even though it snowed a couple of days ago...

1. Still want a go here again please with this guy...

Tahiti --Circa 2006 Honeymoon...ahhhhhhhhhhh...I need warm weather STAT...........

Friday, March 27, 2009

REALLY good news

The Doctor just called...the C-Diff is gone!!!! Hip hip HOORAY!!!! The blood work is normal!!!

Now we can't blame his crankiness on the Diff anymore...good luck with that Drew.

March in Summary

March has been an interesting month. It always seems to be.

On the 11th my Sister Natalie went into labor at 31 weeks and had a emergency c-section. She gave birth to my newest nephew Kellen. He was 3lbs. 13oz.--very big and healthy for a 31 weeker! He is now in the NICU and she is dealing day by day with having a 2 year old at home and her now 33 week old baby at the hospital. I want to go to Seattle so bad to help her and see him!

On the 17th we celebrated St. Patty's Day. I traveled all over the entire valley and numerous shopping centers looking for gold chocolate coins to hide around the house. With no such luck...I compromised with gold wrapped Rolos and did a scavenger hunt for Jenna. She lovvvvved it! The morning started out with clover shaped pancakes and green eggs, of course.

I turned the ripe age of 27 on the 23rd of March. The day was spent with little work and much play. Just the way I like it. I spent the day working out, surfing the web, and eating. My favorite couple of things as of lately. Yes, I did say working out. Joel and I went to P.F. Changs for dinner-so good- and my Mom baby sat the kids for us. It was an enjoyable day.
I can't wait for April to come already with hope of warmer weather and sunshine. I don't know about you but I have been battling the winter blues and need some Vitamin-D!
Question: "Has any one's husband ever called you from his cell phone in the basement to talk to you because he was too lazy to walk up the stairs???" Well, mine does. What a funny man.