Wednesday, February 25, 2009

A new post

Well, I think it is about time for a new post. Really I just want to stop seeing the word Christmas since I am soooo done with winter. So here is what we have been up to...Jenna has just reached 100 days of kindergarten. She got off the bus sporting these adorable things.An awesome pair of "100" glasses made out of pipe cleaners. She is also now enrolled in gymnastics and totally loves it!

We had to go buy a leotard the night of her 1st gymnastics class of course. It is really fun to watch. Jenna also taught me that when playing "I spy" in the car "imagination" is one thing you can spy--example: think of something and try to figure it out--what is a long thing with orange stripes??? Doesn't make sense...I didn't think so.

Drew is just being Drew. Although after battling diarrhea for the past year or so ( and I mean BATTLING) he was just diagnoised with having a dangerous bacteria in his stomach called C Diff. Anyways, he has been put on a serious dose of antibiotic and is doing soooooo well. I can't even describe how well we are all doing now!!! He is such a spunky little kid who loves kung fu.

Ethan is also doing great. He is so easy going and a real blessing. He loves his Mom and Dad and being held. We love him so much.

This is Ethan making his "bitter beer" face.

Other than that the McCombs are doing great. We enjoyed a fun trip to Seattle last week to go and see my Sister and her family but I forgot the camera so no fun pictures. We had a great time eating at the Cheesecake Factory for Valentine's Day(thanks Mom for watching all 4 kids), shopping, swimming, and playing at the Children's Museum. Joel is going to start his last quarter at Eastern soon and we are all so excited for him to be done with school. Yeah!!!