Thursday, February 24, 2011

Drew is FOUR!!!

I Can't believe that my boy is four. We had a great day celebrating the day at Chuck e Cheese. Then a few days later we had another party with the Grandparents and cousins.
The cake I did taste good...even if it looks like a total mess. Drew loved it though. Another Toy Story cake request. He was HILARIOUS to watch opening his presents. He loved everything he got and was spoiled rotten. New Buzz Lightyear, leapster games, Iron Man jammies, books, a remote control Iron Man...and more. What a haul Drew!!! Happy Birthday Bud!!! You are a pure joy and make life so fun!!!! I never know what is going to come out of your mouth but you make me laugh!!!

Drew's Frog Cupcakes

Well, this boy had a birthday back in January. Since he is a lover of all things green and slimy, I figured I would make hime frog cupcakes to take to school. He loved them and I was told they were a total hit!

Going to see the Komodos

We were getting a little cabin fever here in the Inland Northwest so we decided to go on a little adventure over to Seattle and go to the zoo. Seattle was absolutely gorgeous and clear, BUT it was freezing cold. The wind was blowing hard and frigid. It didn't stop us from completeing our goal of seeing the Komodo dragons at the zoo! The kids were champs and we all had a blast! A trip to the zoo wouldn't be complete with out a visit to the African village. This is Jenna's favorite part and I get this shot of her every time we go. She is getting so big!Here is Drew having some fun in the indoor playland at the zoo. Thank goodness for this place, we were able to warm up and the kids burned some energy!!! We went to the bird house and bought a seed stick. All of these little birds were so happy to walk on your stick and have a treat. Ethan is a total freak when it comes to birds. We were once attacked by seagulls in a park once (shame on me for throwing out a fry) and he has never been the same...but I think he totally over came his fear. He did so well.Jenna loved it too! The birds were flocking to her stick...three landed at once on it until she screamed in the bird house. Ethan's favorite part of the zoo was the poision dart frogs. We had to go and buy a little momento from the souviner shop...a blue dart frog.
Here is Drew...totally loving the Komodo. I think he is saying "KOMO--DOOO!!"

This big guy loved getting his picture taken. He was a blast to watch and put on quite the show for us.

My favorite part of the trip...taking a little side trip to Red Mango to get a frozen yogurt. So worth it! Also my sweet husband drove me to Ikea to look around while he waited in the car with the kids. I told him I would be 20 minutes tops...are you kidding me??? An hour later I finally found my way out of the store. Next time we will all go inside. We all had a great time!!!