Wednesday, March 26, 2008

More random pics...

This is what happens when Daddy feeds the kids breakfast and Mommy goes to the doctors appt.--Oreos anyone???
Did I ever mention that Jenna is the best big sister ever...well...she really is! Drew just adores her as well.
One a semi-warm day ( I believe this might be our only one since Jan.)--feeding the ducks at Manito Park--did I mention ducks...there were millions of those little pooping machines!!!
Jenna really did have fun finding Easter eggs...just the only picture I took seeming she was on the go all day long!
Easter morning...again not a good picture because she was sooo excited to get a pony movie and a Barbie from the Easter bunny!!!!

More pictures I love...

Say cheese...or cake!!! Yumm!
Drew loved all his presents especially all the balls...this is his fascination...or OCD...balls.
Daddy and Jenna made the cutest snowman!
Drew liked the snow for a little bit...but like Mom prefers warmer climates...Hawaii anyone???

Put a fork in me...I'm done

That is right...I am done with a couple of things in my life. The first is pregnancy. I only have 24 more days but who is counting. 24 days exactly because I have a scheduled c-section at 7:15am on Friday the 18th of April. I guess you know that you are done being pregnant when you start thinking that you need whiskers...please...let me explain. The other day Jenna was asking Joel and I why cats have whiskers. Joel replied, "So they know what kind of spaces that they can go through with out getting stuck." He then told her how if you cut a cat's whiskers off they could get their head stuck in small places. Well, much later that night (during sleep) I was woken up by the urge to use the restroom which is soooo annoying and another reason I am done being prego...but anyways...I roll out of bed (literally) and start to head into the bathroom which has a pocket door that was slightly closed. Before pregnancy...I could clear it no problem...but for some reason I didn't think to open it some more and boom...stuck! Just like a cat with short and my big prego belly--stuck. Needless to say I opened the door all the way for future visits that evening. Another thing that I am done with and I mean DONE!!!---SNOW!!! What the heck! It is coming down so hard as we speak...not to mention the 3-5 inches we had last week. Plus I can't take another day of Jenna asking me..."Mom, it summa yet?" NOOOO! I thought I was going to have a spring baby...not another winter baby. Anyways...I know it has been a while since I last posted and I don't want to bombard you with a crazy long blog so I will try to highlight some of my favs over the past month. Well, Easter Sunday was my 26th birthday and we didn't even get to go to church because Drew is on a nebulizer for wheezing and has been under the weather. It was a nice lazy day and Joel and the kids bought me the cute new green apple ipod...I am so excited to get some tunes on it that I can listen to during the c-section and for working out post c-section! Very exciting for me! Anyway...we went to my parents that evening for Easter dinner and my mom made me a birthday cake. I blew out the candles and then Jenna of course got a turn. Earlier in the day we told her about the story of Jesus Christ being ressurected, etc. After she blew out the candles without being asked what she wished for she said in a small, soft little voice, "I wish, I wish that Jesus alive." It was so cute and funny...she says some of the silliest things. Earlier at dinner she told my dad, "Gandpa, you smell stink." Grandpa didn't really smell, or atleast I don't think he did but it was pretty hilarious at the randomness that comes from her mouth. Drew is doing pretty well but has been ultra-crabby since being so sick...which is another thing I am done with...being sick. I believe I have been sick constantly for the last 2 months and I am not exaggerating ( which I am sometimes known to do--also called the "Amber-factor"). Anyways, Drew is so cute and funny when feeling well and he loves!!!! to dance. It really is the funniest thing ever. He loves the thriller vitamin water commercial with the dancing lizards too. He is a great dancer but not so great at Easter egg hunts. We went to Grandma Sue's house on Saturday for a hunt and he would barley walk to an egg and when he got within about a foot he would just grunt and make either Joel or I put the egg right in front of him so he could bend down and pick it up...what a lazy diva. Anyways...we had a really good time. Here are some more picks from Drew's first birthday--way back on January 11th along with some more pictures that I have failed to post. Oh, we are also thinking about naming this baby Ethan???? I am not 100% sold, but desperatley would enjoy suggestions if you would like...Jenna thinks it should be Zack or Diego (all names from Nickelodeon shows if you didn't notice). If I don't get anything good Joel is going to name him some sort of crazy Scottish name...he watched King Arthur the other night...and Joel is from Scottish decent (who isn't)!!!