Monday, January 7, 2008

And how could I forget...

Today is Joel and mines 2nd Anniversary...Happy Anniversary. We spent the night at Hotel Lusso downtown and had dinner at Fuggazi restaurant. We had a great time and also went and saw the movie Juno--really a good movie. Anyways, how could I forget to mention my handsome, wonderful, amazing best friend and husband Joel!

It's been a while...

Well, it has been a while since I have posted anything. This has a lot to do with that I misplaced my memory card adaptor to my camera--okay I lost it but then found it when cleaning out my diaper bag. Many of you moms out there probably know what I am talking about--the diaper bag that seems to swallow up many small important things and are never to be found only until you find the right time to clean and organize it. This happens for me about twice a year so I was happy to find the adapter so I could post some holiday photos. Besides, December was a whirlwind of a month. Jenna's 5th birthday was on the 15th and we had a fun little tea party with two of her friends Ava and Marie. We invited a friend down the street but she didn't show up. We had a big Dora fiesta party last year so this year I wanted something much smaller. It was really cute and the girls had a blast. The only down fall is that when it came time for Jenna to make a wish and blow out her candles she goes, " I wish, I wish with all my heart...that Lizzie come to my tea party." Lizzie is the little girl that didn't make it...oh well...some wishes can't come true I guess.

Then Christmas came and went and we had a wonderful time. The kids were soooooooo much fun on Christmas morning! Jenna said she got everything she ever wanted and is already counting down til next Christmas...this is going to be a long year. My parent came over to help on Christmas morning and it was a good thing or else I think my small family would have been swallowed up by out of control wrapping paper and cardboard boxes. We had a nice breakfast and later that evening Al and Gretchen, my parents, and my grandma came to our house for turkey dinner (my Mom cleaned and prepared the turkey--I don't do well with raw meat-thanks Mom) and a competitive game of Monopoly. Since Christmas I have been trying to control all of the million little pieces of toys that came with all of Jenna's presents so Drew wont choke on them--this has been driving me crazy!!! Christmas was a success and not even one word was mentioned about the lame Butterscotch Pony--see previous blog if you are confused!!!

After Christmas we were pretty lazy and just enjoyed the season. On New Years Eve we decided to have a family fun day and we went bowling and on a cruise ride to the "North Pole" at the Courdalene Resort. We had a blast and the kids were great. We found out that Jenna is quite the little bowler as well. She scored a 97--Joel barely beat her in the 10th frame with a strike and an extra bowl at 122--and I came in first with 129!!! No one helped Jenna at all--she just took her 6 pound ball and let it rip. She did great! The cruise was really fun and you go across the lake to a house were there is a real Santa and Mrs. Claus. You put your kids names on a list so when you arrive and go out on the balcony to see Santa he talks to you and mentions all the kids on the boat. Jenna thought that was spectacular and Drew just loved the lights and the motor on the boat--I guess he is a real McCombs. We ended the night by putting the kids down for bed and Joel fell asleep on the couch--only to wake up 2 minutes before midnight. I on the other hand stayed up the whole time to watch Dick Clark's rockin new years eve--but after a short New Year's kiss we were off to bed by 12:02. Well, that was our holiday fun. Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and New Year!