Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day

Well, here it is...another Valentine's Day. I have decided to tell a little love story...not about Joel and I but about our five year old daughter. Jenna is in love. She met this little red-headed boy named Cooper, Jenna pronounces it Coo-pa, at preschool and apparently it was love at first sight because they are going to get married...or were going to get married. This is how it went down.

Jenna enters the room...

"Mom, I just have to marry Coo-pa right now!"

I am a little surprised by the sudden random outburst and ask why.

"Because, I just have to!," was her seemingly desperate reply.

I ask, "Well, where are you going to get married at?"

Her reply, "The temple."

My proud reply, "Well, that is a good place to get married." But then realize once again that I am having this very adult conversation with a five year old.

Jenna's response, "Yeah, and we can decorate it!" (With the cutest, sly smile on her face)

My motherly reply, "But Jenna, if you get married to Cooper where are you two going to live?"

Non-chaluntley she replys, "I live with you and Coo-pa live with his family."

I am thinking in my head on how to end this 'I want to marry Coo-pa conversation that has taken place more that a dozen times in our house once and for all' and reply..."Well, if you and Cooper get married you have to live with your husband and leave home. Drew, Daddy, and I would miss you so much."

Jenna's reply after a second of thought, "I want to live with you forever...I don't want to marry Coo-pa anymore."

And just like that it was more "I have to marry Coo-pa!" fits in this household. We already told her that she can't get married until she is atleast 25 and she seems to be taking the news well--and so is Joel. Lets just say that I can wait until she hits puberty! And I also want to say on this the day of LOVE that I am so in LOVE with my husband and kids and am so glad that we can be together as a family forever. Happy Valentine's to you and your Coo-pas!!!

P.S. Jenna still has a crush on that little red-headed boy.