Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Joel and Amber plus...

I have been extremely busy this past couple of weeks and a little slow on my blog...what's new. Anyway, I went to the doctor a week or so ago and got an ultrasound of the baby and we found out much to my surprise and Joel's that we are having another baby boy!!! We were a little shocked especially since Jenna was so sure that we were having a girl and told us we were prego about three weeks before we knew or suspected. Anywho--now Drew and this baby can be the best of friends and share a room, get bunk beds, play on the same sports teams, etc. We are really excited. I think I am especially because I was a little overwhelmed thinking about even having another baby right now let alone get all new clothes and changing the nursery. But now everything is pretty much taken care of...for right now anyway. I'll post a picture of the new baby when I find the ultrasound pics...they are in a pile of papers somewhere that I need to organize...oops. Well, I just wanted to share one last Jenna"ism"...this morning she told me that Drew speaks spanish because he says, "Goo, gaga, ba-ll." I guess it does sound a little foreign. I just thought it was silly and cute.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Naughty and Nice

Well, this last week we took a trip with Grandma Gretchen, Scott, Cassie, and cousin Asher to the Silverlake Mall to get Santa pictures. It was quite the ordeal as you can tell by Drews reaction to the jolly old fellow. The funny thing is that Drew looks exactly like I did when I was that age when I saw Santa...just put a red polka dot dress and a blonde curly wig on him and--twins. Jenna on the other hand was so excited to see Santa. She ran up to him and gave him a big hug and when he asked her what she wanted for Christmas she replied, "Everything." Well, let me clarify what everything is...Butterscotch the pony. This is the lamest toy I have ever seen. It is a three foot robotic horse that doesn't even give pony rides! You can pet it and it will move it's head and even nay--oh, and you can feed it a fake carrot--but that is all. Not to mention that it is three hundred dollars. I think I could probably buy a real horse for that amount! Needless to say, Santa will not be bringing Jenna Butterscotch this year. But no fear, I have spoiled her rotten with many other fun plastic toys and a Barbie with a horse and horse stall. The Barbie horse will actually move it's legs and at a fraction of the price. We are getting really excited for the holidays and I even have most of all my Christmas shopping exciting. Anyways, we hope that you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving and are looking forward to a great Christmas season!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Tag! Your it!

Okay, okay. This is the second time in a week that my sister Natalie has tagged me so I guess I will make her happy and finally reply I guess. It is either that or she knows my password to blogspot and she threatened to do it herself for me. Who knows, she knows me really well and probably could...but here it goes...probably way boring but...

1-The best thing you cooked this week: Cook!? What kind of a question is that...anyone who knows me well, knows that the closest thing I cook is when I watch the food network--BUT--I did make some delicious potato soup--from scratch!!! this week--and it is only Wedensday!

2-If money and time were no object, where would you go and with whom?: I would travel to Europe with my hubby Joel--we would backpack around Spain, Italy, France, Switzerland, Germany--everywhere!!! Then on the way home we would stop for a relaxing week somewhere very warm--like Tahiti.

3-Last time you cried?: Honestly can't really remember--but my eyes did get a little weepy with happiness as I watched my cute 4 year old bear her testimony in the primary program this last sweet.

4-Things you were doing 10 years ago: Well that would make me 16 so....learning how to drive my Dad's crappy '78 Datsun pick-up truck (it was also a stick shift) and playing a ton of fast pitch softball.

5-5 things you did today: Well it is only 2 in the afternoon but...we went to Jump and Bounce with Marianne and the Evergreen ward, changed some poopy diapers, watched Take Home Chef on TLC, grabbed lunch at McDonald's, and I am now updating my blog!!! So impressive--I am kidding.

6-5 favorite snacks: Gummy peach-o's, pringles spicy guacamole chips, cucumbers w/ vinegar, asparagas, and apples w/ caramel--This was hard...I am pregnant!!!

7- 5 bad habits: Some times I curse (I really shouldn't let out my dark secrets), I sleep in, our family eats out way too much, I have road rage (stole that from my sister but I guess it runs in the family), and I watch too much television

8- 5 Favorite foods: mexican, anything from Olive Garden, chinese, McDonald's Big Macs (should have been one of my bad habits), and chicken--everything I make has chicken in it or so it seems

9- 5 places I have been: Rexburg, ID, Tahiti, Hawaii, Banff, Canada, and the Cayman Islands--I love to travel!!!!!

10- Favorite memory: SOOOOOOOOO I could talk about giving birth, my wedding day, my honeymoon, past holidays......but this is a shout out to you Nat--Natalie is my best friend and my sister. I love her to death. When we were young I would play lots of practical jokes on her like rigging up the computer with my dear friend Marianne when Natalie was on the computer and made her think she had a stalker and so on. Well, when we were very, very young we use to share a room. We had a bunk bed and being the older sister I got to sleep on the top bunk and she on the bottom. Well, every night I would hang over the side and say, "Hey Nat, look at me!" She being so innocent and sweet would peep her head out and I would let a spit ball fall out of my mouth onto her forehead. This happened for a little while until she became skeptical of me. I would then promise, "Nat, I just want to say goodnight!" Well, I being very persistent leaned so far over my bed one night to spit on her that I flipped out of it and landed spread eagle between two bars on a clothes horse--I hurt myself so bad I just fell off and quietly crawled up into my bed and needless to say--no more spit balls. I guess I got what I deserved.

Thanks Nat for all the special memories...I love ya!!!!

Friday, November 9, 2007

Burnin' buns

Poor Drew. For the last two days he has had skin eating, acid poops. Sorry, this post is a little gross--actually that is the most I will describe of the tummy issue--I do want people to enjoy my blog. Anyways, this morning he was in a total fit because his bum is completely raw and sore, the poor baby. So the only thing that made him happy was putting him in the kitchen sink with warm water and baking soda. I was bored while sitting there so I grabbed my camera that was right by and decided to take some pics of my little guy. Most people find dirty dishes in the sink at their home, at mine a little man trying to cool his burnin' buns.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

What doesn't kill them will make them stronger, right!?

Okay, so after my sister Natalie has nagged and nagged...I am finally adding some pictures and updating my blog. I've just been either pretty lazy or busy--or maybe just sick. That is the latest news to the McCombs family--we are now going to be a party of five. That is right, we are expecting another baby sometime in April. This was a surprise--to say the least. Jenna although seemed to know the whole time. She told me that I was expecting three weeks before I even took the test. She insists that we are having a baby girl and that her name is Kodee. We'll see...anyways. The title of my post is pretty appropriate for this morning. I was running around with my head cut off and trying to get Jenna ready for her Halloween party today at pre-school and so on. Meanwhile I am puppy sitting my parents two dogs because my Mom is out of town helping my sister Jennifer who just had her third baby--a girl--Addy last week. Anyways, I was in my bathroom and brushing my teeth when a thought came into my mind that the dogs food was on the ground in the kitchen. I know Drew is totally attracted to these tasty little treats so I immediately ran to the kitchen to find him with his hands and mouth full of dog food!!! Yuck! It was paper yesterday and dog food today--I swear I am raising a goat. I guess the saying is true what doesn't kill will make them stronger! Here are some old/new pictures of my cute kids. Jenna is so excited for Halloween--I mean we have been counting down since August!!! She is going to be a cowgirl and runs around yelling "Yee HAW!!! Ride 'em cowgirl!!!" It is really funny besides all the silly thing that girl comes up with. She makes me laugh so much. Last night for instance Joel and I were watching the Broncos Greenbay game and I was rooting for GB and Joel of course his beloved Broncos. Any who...after the game I was gloating because my team won and Joel was very upset that he had lost. Jenna tells Joel, "Don't worry Dad, you da man." Where does she come up with this stuff. It was really cute. Speaking of football, Joel and I was ever sooooooo lucky to get away two weeks ago on a little romantic getaway to Seattle--thanks to Grandma Netter and Grandma and Grandpa Gretchen. While we were over there we went to amazing restaurants, the pier, shopping, and the Seahawks and Saints game. I love Reggie Bush and Drew Brees--anyways, I am happy to report that the Saints finally got their first win (probably because we were there rooting for them). Anyways, those are the pics of Joel and I. Other than that the McCombs family is growing (my belly that is) and doing great.

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Jenna is an adrenaline junkie!

Okay, so I am still figuring this blog thing out. I guess I am really slow when it comes to computers and technology--heck, it took me literally 30 minutes to log onto my account ( I am not kidding). Well here I am finally and want to update you all with news about my 4 and a half year old adrenaline junkie! We went to Silverwood yesterday and had a complete ball. Once upon arrival we went straight to the roller coaster Timber Terror, we didn't waste our time on those kiddie rides that the other 4, 6, and 8 year olds were riding. No, we went straight to the big kahuna. After waiting in line for nearly an hour we finally got on the roller coaster. Jenna sat with Joel and I was peeing my pants with fear for not only my own life but of my sweet 4 year old. Anyways, we approached the top of the roller coaster and dropped who knows how many feet and the rest was history...Jenna was hooked. What an amazing little girl--I told her that I don't think Aunt Natalie has still ever went on that big of a ride...ha ha. We went on that twice and it made the tilt-o-whirl look like a walk in the park, except for Joel who gets sick with the spinning. Later that day we went on to Boulder Beach and decided to go on the new family attraction where you sit in a large raft and glide down the large water tubes. Well, it was Jenna, Joel, and I while my mom watched baby Drew. Normally, you can put 6 people in a raft and since having a party of 3 the eager lifeguard asked us, the non-suspecting family, if we would mind adding two to our party. "Of course not......" was our reply as I looked back and saw (okay, I am really not trying to be rude here but I have to tell the truth) two of the largest people I had ever seen coming to join our raft. Well, this husband and wife team got on the raft and we all barely fit. Joel asked Jenna if we wanted to be spun around--the adrenaline junkie of course said yes!--but the short, most pleasantly plump man said "NO!" Well, the lifeguard could not resist the beautiful blue eyed little girl and started spinning. Well ladies and gentlemen, I believe that the McCombs family and that couple made a Boulder Beach record (or tsunami) as we flew down the tube!!! We literally went vertical--okay the large man was completely vertical to my husband and Jenna. I was completely fearful!!!!!! I though, if somehow gravity gives out my little girl is going to be crushed and Joel will be seriously hurt by this huge man falling on top of them. It was insane and soon we made it to the bottom where we completely sunk the raft upon arrival. Joel was laughing soooo hard and I was just glad it was over. The large couple---let's just say, I don't think that they will do it again. Anyways, we had a total blast. We can't wait to go back and spend even more time in the water park. Drew was an angel and Grandma Netter was a great sport for watching him so Jenna, Joel, and I could play so much. I think she enjoyed herself as well--heck, she got to show off her cute grandson to all the on lookers and admirers. It was a great day!

Monday, July 23, 2007

My first blog

Well, I heard about this blogging thing and I thought I might give it a try. Hopefully it will encourage me to take more pictures of my growing kids and jot down some important memories. It sounds like fun so I'll give it a shot.