Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Not you too Nick Jr.--

So this morning while I was filling the last bowl of Cheerios at breakfast and the kids were watching Go Diego Go on Nick, Jr. (by the way--one of the only networks that you can go pretty much all day with out seeing a political ad) I was surprised to see this face....Apparently he won the Presidential "Nickelodeon" Race. It is great to know that 5 and 2 year olds can make very important and informed decisions, right? Congrats President Barak Obama. I just hope he doesn't choose Mickey or Rooney from the Doodlebops to be part of his cabinet. But that is okay...he can be the President of Nick Jr. just as long he is not the President of this...
This is the Presidential Race that I am most concerned with......................so come on and vote on November 4th (educated and responsibly please).

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Happy Belated

Joel is officially 30 years young. We had a great birthday day on the 17th which consisted of shooting guns, breakfast with the kids at our favorite Old European, P.F. Chizzie Changs (as we like to call it), going to two movies--count them--two! movies!, and a stress-free, kid-free night. I wish he was turning 30 everyday (except we would probably go shopping instead of shooting guns-a little scary for me). We finished up the weekend with an Azteca platter, game night with friends, and cake. Happy birthday honey!


This week has been a week of "literallies" and no I don't think that is a word.

First, I took the kids to McDonalds one night where Jenna got another toy to add to our gazillions of McDonald toys. It is a small barbie doll. She looks at me and goes, "You think she is hot?"

I am like...where did you hear the word "hot"? I mean I am sure I have used it around her but it sounds just soooo grown up coming out of the mouth of a five year old. So I asked her, "What do you think hot means?"

She replies, "It means you love her."

I reply, "Yes, Jenna. She is smokin' hot!"

Jenna then puts her barbie to her nose and sniffs her........................................so literal.

I guess you could also say I had quite literally a "crappy" week. I mean the week went okay. We just had a lot of pooh issues. My friend and I were talking and she told me how her daughter went number two in the bath tub. I said, "Oh, thank goodness that has never happened to me." Well, it has now. So I took Jenna and Drew out of the polluted bath tub and ran them to the shower. Not even minutes later I hear Jenna screaming. Drew did it again...in the shower no less. Then the next day I put him in his crib to take a nap. Unfortunately I couldn't find a binki anywhere. So I thought all the crying was because of his missing "security binki." Wrong!...he really took off his diaper for the first time ever--pants as well and smeared pooh everywhere. Just like a monkey. So it was a "crappy" week.....................................................literally.

I need a vacation...............................literally.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

It's the most wonderful time of the year...

FALL! I absolutely love this time of the year. One might say that this is even my most favorite time of the year. Here is my reasoning in no apparent order...

10. The air is crisp and clean...I love the feel of fall in the air.

9. We fall back an hour in the fall...meaning once a year I get to sleep for one EXTRA hour--all you Mom's out there know what I am talking about.

8. The fall colors are goregous. Besides orange is one of my very favorite colors which would explain my pumpkin colored backpack in high school--which I used all the way through college--and Joel made fun of it :(

7.HALLoWEEn!!!! What a fun holiday to dress up and be whatever your heart desires. This year I will be a mother to a pumpkin, bear, and Cleopatra the "Egyptian Princess" as Jenna would say...I am going to be a Mummy (I might even wrap myself in Charmin????) Joel wants to be the Incredibles family but I told him that NO one needs to see us in spandex. That would be horrifying.

6. Candy. For one night a year you can eat all you want and really not feel that guilty about--well at least until the morning.

5. This is a new one to my list this year but...Kids going back to school. I love it and Jenna loves it. Kindergarten is awesome. Besides if you time naps just right--you might find yourself with an hour or so of free time to do whatever your heart desires while the kids are away.

4. Baseball playoffs...need I say more...love it!

3. Soup!!! Nothing is better than eating soup on a chilly day. In my family it was a tradition to eat corn bread and homemade clam chowder on Halloween night. I have tried but Jenna thinks she is allergic meaning "she hates it." I guess we will stick to Campbell's chicken noodle for a while.

2. Sweaters! They are my favorite and really forgiving--you know--for mom's who are still trying to get off that 20 lbs. or so off after having two babies back-to-back.

1. Greenbluff!!! I love this little part of the place we live. It is a little farming community that has a Harvest Festival every year. You can get the best apple pie, cider, carmel apples, cute pumpkins, go on hay rides, and just love this most wonderful time of the year!

Here are some recent pictures of us at Greenbluff (we already went!!!) I love this picture of Drew.

He just did this pose naturally. Silly.

Jenna and a scarecrow.Dad and the E-man.I love this picture of Ethan...he is my little buddy.
Me and the little man. Don't mind the spit up all over the E-man...he has reflux :(The kids trying to find the perfect pumpkin!And my most favorite part of the FALL is having three amazing kids to share this season with!