Tuesday, October 30, 2007

What doesn't kill them will make them stronger, right!?

Okay, so after my sister Natalie has nagged and nagged...I am finally adding some pictures and updating my blog. I've just been either pretty lazy or busy--or maybe just sick. That is the latest news to the McCombs family--we are now going to be a party of five. That is right, we are expecting another baby sometime in April. This was a surprise--to say the least. Jenna although seemed to know the whole time. She told me that I was expecting three weeks before I even took the test. She insists that we are having a baby girl and that her name is Kodee. We'll see...anyways. The title of my post is pretty appropriate for this morning. I was running around with my head cut off and trying to get Jenna ready for her Halloween party today at pre-school and so on. Meanwhile I am puppy sitting my parents two dogs because my Mom is out of town helping my sister Jennifer who just had her third baby--a girl--Addy last week. Anyways, I was in my bathroom and brushing my teeth when a thought came into my mind that the dogs food was on the ground in the kitchen. I know Drew is totally attracted to these tasty little treats so I immediately ran to the kitchen to find him with his hands and mouth full of dog food!!! Yuck! It was paper yesterday and dog food today--I swear I am raising a goat. I guess the saying is true what doesn't kill will make them stronger! Here are some old/new pictures of my cute kids. Jenna is so excited for Halloween--I mean we have been counting down since August!!! She is going to be a cowgirl and runs around yelling "Yee HAW!!! Ride 'em cowgirl!!!" It is really funny besides all the silly thing that girl comes up with. She makes me laugh so much. Last night for instance Joel and I were watching the Broncos Greenbay game and I was rooting for GB and Joel of course his beloved Broncos. Any who...after the game I was gloating because my team won and Joel was very upset that he had lost. Jenna tells Joel, "Don't worry Dad, you da man." Where does she come up with this stuff. It was really cute. Speaking of football, Joel and I was ever sooooooo lucky to get away two weeks ago on a little romantic getaway to Seattle--thanks to Grandma Netter and Grandma and Grandpa Gretchen. While we were over there we went to amazing restaurants, the pier, shopping, and the Seahawks and Saints game. I love Reggie Bush and Drew Brees--anyways, I am happy to report that the Saints finally got their first win (probably because we were there rooting for them). Anyways, those are the pics of Joel and I. Other than that the McCombs family is growing (my belly that is) and doing great.