Wednesday, July 30, 2008

My little chubs

Here is my little E-man at three months old...
He is really getting a cute personality...totally a happy little guy. He loves to talk, laugh and smile lots...this is a picture of him smiling--bad quality with out the flash but the flash makes him look
like this............a little too bright.
And we can't forget about the Tasmanian devil in our lives...DREW! He is really craZy!!!!! Here he is just taking in some rays at Silverwood last week...

KID Cribs

Over the weekend I got ambitious and decided to finally repaint Jenna's room from that awful green I had painted it about two years ago...let's just say it is now really, really pink. But I love it...way better than before and it is complete--decorated and take a peek at Jenna's Crib.

We had a good time filming this...Jenna loves the camera! Anyways here are some more pics...

The night stand that I turned into a vanity...I recovered the little chair ( a good find at TJ Maxx) and I also made the photo board, painted the mirror I have had forever and ta-da!

We moved the bed and I painted an old frame and put fabric in it...looks cute.Got a new lamp and gave her my old she can have some dance parties in her room...oh is fun being a girl.One happy five year old...what a cutie! Now I need to finish painting the guest bathroom that I started year ago...oh my.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Did someone say snakes!!!!

For the 4th of July we decided to go camping at Lake Roosevelt. Maybe that was my first mistake--camping with a 5 year old, a 18 month old, and a 2 and a half month newborn!!! Call me crazy. So Joel and I, kids, and my parents loaded up our boat and set sail to beach camp for two nights. Joel and my Dad went a little earlier than my Mom and I to set up some tents...the weather was so so so hot. After we were set up some campers from down the beach walked over to us to tell us that they have had a problem with these...

RATTLESNAKES!!!! Okay this is not cool! I am petrified of these things. The funny thing is that about two years ago I read an article from the Ensign about one of the quorum of the seventy who rented a house boat on Roosevelt. A really bad storm hit and they had to beach their boat. Unfortunately the beach that they were forced to stay at was infested with rattlesnakes and he told of the power of faith and prayer, anyways. This story has always been in the back of my mind since Joel and I love to go boating at Roosevelt. I guess the camper had killed two in just that day. The camp around the corner from us actually had one swim across the lake and land straight in their camp! I was dying, especially since Drew and Jenna were running all around the place and our dog Rocky was too. The funny thing is that Rocky usually runs crazy all over the hills and through the forest above us...and he did just once...right when we got to the beach. But after that he stayed in camp with his ears back the rest of the time. Well, my Sister Natalie and her little family came out to meet us for the weekend. We told them of the snake problem and late that night we were sitting around talking when Brandon needed to venture down the beach to go take a whiz...anyways, he was NOT going to take a flashlight and it was the darkest night! I made him take my flashlight (thank goodness) and he was only about 15 yards away when we see him come running back to camp saying "SNAKE!!!" Sure enough there was a 3 foot rattler about 15 yards from where we were...gross!!! I think Brando wet himself and I immediately went to bed--not to get a wink of sleep the whole night!!! Needless to say we left the next day. It was a quick camping trip but one to remember for sure. It is just funny that this is the one time we go camping as a family and run into snakes...yuck!

P.S. Wasn't I the one who said if anyone runs into a snake or gets bit it would be Brandon ( I guess you would have to know him)...and yes he did throw rocks at it so it coiled up and started to rattle it's tail.........SO sick!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Vacations, vacations, vacations!!!

Drew loved throwing rocks into the tide pools...what a boy. And by the way, pictures are in no particular order--anyone who knows me should not be surprised...right Jen and Nat.
How did Jenna get in the fish tank??? We always new she was a fish!
Dad, Jenna, and Drew
Dad, Jenna, and Drew in a giant shark's mouth
Getting ready to set sail on our whale watching cruise...more to come on the subject...

After a long trip in the car we were finally at the ocean!!! Yeah!!! What good travelers the kids were...thanks to gummy worms and movies!!!

Me and the kids at the Tillamook cheese factory....say "WE LOVE CHEESE!!!" (except for Drew is allergic, poor kid)
Jenna on a giant turtle saying, "McCombs first family vacation!"

Joel and Drew man at the lighthouse in Newport, OR.

Well it has been a while since the last post and the reason is that we have been busy playing and going on some vacations. We went on our first official family vacation to the Oregon Coast. We had a blast and it was really laid back. The reason it was probably so laid back was because my wonderful mom watched Ethan for us for the entire week!!! We are sooooo lucky that she is always so willing to watch kids and help whenever we ask...but the cool part is that she asks to watch them too! Our kids love their grandparents. Anyway we visited a lighthouse, went on a whale watching trip (but unfortunatley didn't see any whales), we went to our favorite Tillamook cheese factory and ate ice cream, looked for sea shells and played in the sand at Cannon Beach, swam a lot in the hotel pools, went to the Oregon Coast Aquarium in Newport, flew kites, went on the bumper cars in Seaside and we finished off the trip by visiting my Sister Natalie, bro-in-law Brandon, and cute niece Madison in Seattle. There we swent swimming, shopping, and went to eat at the delicious Keg Resturant and Nat took us to the cutest cupcake shop too. What a time...I think I also gained about 5 pounds. While on our whale watching adventure I got sick I needed to use the porta-potty type restroom...what a nightmare. I went into this tiny little cube to take care of business and I looked down at the toilet bowl and though, "you have to be kidding me..." The bowl was so small and had no seat, or so I thought. After I was done I stood up to notice that I had not put the seat down and there was a seat! Let's just say that cruise felt more like 20 hours rather than 2 and I was soooo happy to set foot on land again!!! Other than that we had a great time. Drew is officially hooked to watching movies in the car now and any time we get in he points to the movie screen and says "oooovie." I guess he is just taking after his big sis. Jenna, after counting down days to the vacation for the past two months, is now asking..."When we go to Disneyland?" I can't keep up.