Thursday, November 4, 2010

My favorite time of year...

Some fun times on a tractor. Drew found his pumpkin!
Jenna was happy as could be. We sent her into the maze by herself with my cell phone. I nearly had a heart attack. She didn't answer the phone and was out in 5 minutes...what the heck. Joel and I were certain she would play in there for at least a half and hour. I can't handle that stress. Forget when she starts to drive!!!!

Train rides in water buckets...sure!

Ethan finding Mom the perfect white pumpkin with his Ironman toy.

I LOVE FALL!!! LOVE IT!!! And I love Greenbluff. I always tell Joel that we could sell everything, quit his job, and move to the country and open a little orchard/farm and I would be so happy. Maybe when the kids are older. In the mean time I'll just happily visit and not do any heavy labor.


This year for Halloween I had a Buzzlightyear, Spiderman, and a Witch. We had a lot of fun carving pumpkins, going to the ward trunk or treat (and running out of tons of candy in 15 minutes because there were SO many kids there), and then letting the kids go through the neighborhood on Halloween night. They got a haul of candy and I think that I have eaten half-of it, but that is the beauty of the season, right?!