Thursday, November 4, 2010

My favorite time of year...

Some fun times on a tractor. Drew found his pumpkin!
Jenna was happy as could be. We sent her into the maze by herself with my cell phone. I nearly had a heart attack. She didn't answer the phone and was out in 5 minutes...what the heck. Joel and I were certain she would play in there for at least a half and hour. I can't handle that stress. Forget when she starts to drive!!!!

Train rides in water buckets...sure!

Ethan finding Mom the perfect white pumpkin with his Ironman toy.

I LOVE FALL!!! LOVE IT!!! And I love Greenbluff. I always tell Joel that we could sell everything, quit his job, and move to the country and open a little orchard/farm and I would be so happy. Maybe when the kids are older. In the mean time I'll just happily visit and not do any heavy labor.

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