Thursday, April 30, 2009

Trip Advice

I need some trip advice...we are headed to Disneyland this summer and I am wondering if anyone knows a good place to stay in San Diego??? Any other advice is also appreciated!

On a quick note Jenna today said to me...

"Mom, you know that in England they have Princesses, Princes, and Queens."

I said, "Yes, I know."

She replied, "We don't have those in Spokane city...we only have Principals and food we like."

How true.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

My top 10 things...

of what we have been up to.

10. Drew is off the binki...we couldn't find it one day and the rest is history...finally. I was soooo tired of hearing other people tell my child, "Get that plug out of your mouth."--one of my biggest annoyances

9. Jenna is playing soccer and loving it...she even scored a goal last week!!!

8. Ethan just turned one and has been walking for the past 2 months...I will post later but my desktop computer is I am using Joel's laptop.

7. I have been running and running and running...but am taking a little break at the present moment. I have lost most of the baby weight.

6. We got our master bathroom tiled and it looks great...good bye carpet...who puts carpet in a bathroom???? REALLY!!!

5. We discovered a leak from the shower and now we have to rip out the shower and try to fix the leak and the moldy we, I mean the builder...thank goodness.

4. Joel is in his last quarter of college...YEAH!!!!

3. I am going to be playing on a women's slow pitch softball team this summer...wish me luck. I am really excited to tell you the truth!!!

2. The sun is starting to shine around here and is feeling a little like spring, even though it snowed a couple of days ago...

1. Still want a go here again please with this guy...

Tahiti --Circa 2006 Honeymoon...ahhhhhhhhhhh...I need warm weather STAT...........