Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Jenna is an adrenaline junkie!

Okay, so I am still figuring this blog thing out. I guess I am really slow when it comes to computers and technology--heck, it took me literally 30 minutes to log onto my account ( I am not kidding). Well here I am finally and want to update you all with news about my 4 and a half year old adrenaline junkie! We went to Silverwood yesterday and had a complete ball. Once upon arrival we went straight to the roller coaster Timber Terror, we didn't waste our time on those kiddie rides that the other 4, 6, and 8 year olds were riding. No, we went straight to the big kahuna. After waiting in line for nearly an hour we finally got on the roller coaster. Jenna sat with Joel and I was peeing my pants with fear for not only my own life but of my sweet 4 year old. Anyways, we approached the top of the roller coaster and dropped who knows how many feet and the rest was history...Jenna was hooked. What an amazing little girl--I told her that I don't think Aunt Natalie has still ever went on that big of a ride...ha ha. We went on that twice and it made the tilt-o-whirl look like a walk in the park, except for Joel who gets sick with the spinning. Later that day we went on to Boulder Beach and decided to go on the new family attraction where you sit in a large raft and glide down the large water tubes. Well, it was Jenna, Joel, and I while my mom watched baby Drew. Normally, you can put 6 people in a raft and since having a party of 3 the eager lifeguard asked us, the non-suspecting family, if we would mind adding two to our party. "Of course not......" was our reply as I looked back and saw (okay, I am really not trying to be rude here but I have to tell the truth) two of the largest people I had ever seen coming to join our raft. Well, this husband and wife team got on the raft and we all barely fit. Joel asked Jenna if we wanted to be spun around--the adrenaline junkie of course said yes!--but the short, most pleasantly plump man said "NO!" Well, the lifeguard could not resist the beautiful blue eyed little girl and started spinning. Well ladies and gentlemen, I believe that the McCombs family and that couple made a Boulder Beach record (or tsunami) as we flew down the tube!!! We literally went vertical--okay the large man was completely vertical to my husband and Jenna. I was completely fearful!!!!!! I though, if somehow gravity gives out my little girl is going to be crushed and Joel will be seriously hurt by this huge man falling on top of them. It was insane and soon we made it to the bottom where we completely sunk the raft upon arrival. Joel was laughing soooo hard and I was just glad it was over. The large couple---let's just say, I don't think that they will do it again. Anyways, we had a total blast. We can't wait to go back and spend even more time in the water park. Drew was an angel and Grandma Netter was a great sport for watching him so Jenna, Joel, and I could play so much. I think she enjoyed herself as well--heck, she got to show off her cute grandson to all the on lookers and admirers. It was a great day!