Monday, November 17, 2008


Well, it has been a while and this is a summary of what we have been up to...

Joel has been busy working his crazy schedule and is finishing up school. He recently shaved his head was a Halloween costume idea that went horribly, horribly wrong....I don't have an exact picture but I tried to find one that represented him the best I could...

Doesn't really do him justice. (Yes, Joel this is what you get for shaving off your hair--and you had hair--some people are not as lucky as you were). He doesn't know I am writing this...he is in the living room watching my taped episode of the Hills. Anyways...

I am staying busy volunteering at Jenna's school, trying to potty train and "manage" Drew, and changing and occasional diaper and fixing a bottle or two for this little man...

This explains how easy going of a kid he is...he falls asleep in my Mom's Johnny Jumper...what a sweetheart.

Jenna is great as usual. We are excited to go to High School Musical on ice on Friday night with Grandma Netter. This has become a little tradition and we have a really good time.

Like I mentioned before Drew is starting to use the toilet. He also sleeps in his own big bed and room now--although he still needs a bottle and binki. Who cares if you do things in order right? We pick our battles one at a time. Last night he was caught red-handed using a ball point pen to color Joel's big screen T.V. That was an ordeal. Like I said, we are trying to "manage" this little boy who is extremely cute and intelligent.

Lastly, is Ethan...the picture above says it all and really I am too tired to write anything else--

This is a BIG deal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Drew went number 2 on the toilet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
this is the first time he has ever done anything on the potty...

more to post later....

Saturday, November 1, 2008

I want candy!!!

Well, another Halloween has come and gone. This year was another success. Mounds and mounds of candy was collected and passed out. Hundreds and hundreds of extra calories consumed. And the possibility of cavities has increased. What a sweet success! Here are some highlights of the night. First I started out the day taking Ethan to the doctor to get some shots...I know...not very nice on Halloween, but it's not Christmas people. Next, I was the only mom (besides the moms that were running the party) to attend Jenna's kindergarten Halloween party. I thought more mom's or dad's would have showed...oh well, I had fun. Plus it gave me a chance to get some ideas for the Valentines party that I am in charge of. Next I stopped by my good friend Marianne's house to say "hi". Then I went home to see what was going on and I found my husband had shaved his hair off(yes, he did have hair before the "incident").........more to come in another post. We then ran down to my Mom's house to trick-or-treat. Next we flew back home where we had our annual Halloween gathering with my sister-in-laws, family, and friends. We ate pizza, talked, and most importantly....made our way around the block to trick-or-treat.

Here is Jenna with her "vampire" pumpkin she helped design and carve. We had a fun night carving pumpkins and watching Charlie Brown's Halloween special on Wedensday.
This is Jenna's kindergarten class...Mrs. McNeice is the bee...what a cool teacher.The kids on their way to Grandma Netter's. Trick-or-Treat! Drew loved trick-or-treating...he would walk as fast as his little legs would go and he looked so funny in his "fat" dragon suit. I joked that he ate so much candy that I would take the costume off and he would really be that big...he ate so much candy he puked before bed...whoops.Presenting Cleopatra or as Jenna says, "An Egyptian princess!" Jenna was the only kindergartner with make-up on too...I can see how those pageant moms can get out of hand. It was fun for one day!
Here is the was funny because when we started taking these kids trick-or-treating together four years ago we would only make it to a couple of houses and they would be exhausted and cold. Now we were the ones exhausted trying to keep up...they really have perfected the art of trick-or-treating!Joel and Ethan."Mom, why do you make me wear this weird looking hat!?"My camera was soooo fuzzy, darn it! After the night was over Drew kept pushing me toward our front door, his pumpkin pail in hand, saying "Walk, walk." He wanted to go out again he loved it so much.Happy Ethan with his little pumpkin. Aunt Holly and I agreed that he would make a good Charlie Brown for Halloween with that round head of his.

A very tired 6 month old...yes, he fell asleep as the clock struck 8.A very happy almost two-year old. "Candy, candy peeeess!"----NO MORE CANDY!!!!