Friday, March 27, 2009

REALLY good news

The Doctor just called...the C-Diff is gone!!!! Hip hip HOORAY!!!! The blood work is normal!!!

Now we can't blame his crankiness on the Diff anymore...good luck with that Drew.

March in Summary

March has been an interesting month. It always seems to be.

On the 11th my Sister Natalie went into labor at 31 weeks and had a emergency c-section. She gave birth to my newest nephew Kellen. He was 3lbs. 13oz.--very big and healthy for a 31 weeker! He is now in the NICU and she is dealing day by day with having a 2 year old at home and her now 33 week old baby at the hospital. I want to go to Seattle so bad to help her and see him!

On the 17th we celebrated St. Patty's Day. I traveled all over the entire valley and numerous shopping centers looking for gold chocolate coins to hide around the house. With no such luck...I compromised with gold wrapped Rolos and did a scavenger hunt for Jenna. She lovvvvved it! The morning started out with clover shaped pancakes and green eggs, of course.

I turned the ripe age of 27 on the 23rd of March. The day was spent with little work and much play. Just the way I like it. I spent the day working out, surfing the web, and eating. My favorite couple of things as of lately. Yes, I did say working out. Joel and I went to P.F. Changs for dinner-so good- and my Mom baby sat the kids for us. It was an enjoyable day.
I can't wait for April to come already with hope of warmer weather and sunshine. I don't know about you but I have been battling the winter blues and need some Vitamin-D!
Question: "Has any one's husband ever called you from his cell phone in the basement to talk to you because he was too lazy to walk up the stairs???" Well, mine does. What a funny man.

A good day, bad day

Well yesterday was one of those days...a whole lot of good and some bad. Don't worry...nothing too bad.

First the day started off on good note...I went and got my hair cut and highlighted. Yeah! It was only like 6 months past due. Thank you Heather! If anyone needs a great hair dresser I have one for you!

Next, I took this little monster to go get his blood drawn. BAD!!! As some of you may know he has a bacterial infection called C-Diff and it is not going away, so we needed to do some tests to figure this thing out and re-test for all of his allergies. Cross your fingers for some good news!!!--Anyway, Drew did such a good job and the pheblotemist did a great job too! That ended on a good!!!! After we were done I told him we could go get a treat and he chose to get an "apple." He loves apples!!!! If only an apple a day would keep the doctor away...

Then as we were going home Joel must have been lovin' the sunshine and was going a little too fast down our road and got a speeding ticked. BAD!!! This is his second one in like two months. All I said was, "You are going to driving school." Here in WA state you can attend a weekend driving class for 115 dollars and the ticket will not be sent to your insurance.

We finished off the day watching American Idol (I totally want Adam to win by the way)--good and doing laundry BAD. I guess we all have these types of days once in awhile.