Monday, May 9, 2011


Ethan turned three in April and wanted to have a Spiderman we did. Here is the Birthday Boy trying to figure out how to put up three fingers...hmmmmm. Blowing out his candles...

Awesome super hero presents...

Spidey even made an appearance!!!

The cake (I really liked how this one turned out...way better than the last one I did, thank you very much.)

Mom and Ethan and the "cake picture."

Happy Birthday to our Spidey!!! We love you Ethan!!!


Katie The Lady said...

So cute! You can't have a boy without throwing a super hero party at least once-hahaha.

Natalie said...

Cute pictures! Loved the cake and can't believe how old the boys are getting! Drew & Ethan have changed so much!! Also loved your Mothers Day pictures!

Hi! said...

Well, another great cake and fun superhero party, what a mom! Speaking of mom, your Mother's Day pictures and gorgeous, the kids were perfect too, ya gotta act up on mom's special day. Time does go by fast, you're a smart girl to take notice and savor the moments.
Auntie Irene